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Johannes Dörr

Internship, Bachelor, Master and Diploma thesis or training

Are you looking for a place to train in a future-oriented organisation? A company that will offer challenging tasks as well as opportunities for career development? Whether it's for internships, for writing your Bachelor, Master and Diploma thesis or for vocational training –we offer you a large range of opportunities for taking your first step into working life. Simply send us your application – we will be pleased to hear from you.


If you are still at university, we are offering you a chance to gather some practical experience within the framework of an internship. Each year we accept a number of students of technical universities and colleges as interns. The duration of the internships and working areas are subject to the guidelines of the universities. This offer is directed primarily at engineering students (male or female) in the areas of Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. Just contact us – we may have a suitable opening for you.


If you are interested in taking part in some of our current research projects, interesting subjects for your thesis will arise in many of our areas of operation. We are offering advanced technology and comprehensive expertise, which would be yours to use as needed for your research work - to help you obtain the degree you desire.

Experienced specialists will provide support and guidance in your work. Who knows - you may easily find you own special field of interest. In any case, you will find the contacts you make during this time useful to get you started on your career path.


Dürr Assembly Products offers young people the opportunity to do an interesting training to become a mechatronics technician.