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    As a part of the Dürr business domain Balancing and Assembly Products, Dürr Assembly Products GmbH supplies products, systems and constructions for ambitious assembly and testing tasks for the final assembly of the automotive industry.

    These systems are developed and manufactured by engineers and experts in Püttlingen. Here the focus is on high-precision systems in the area of assembly and test engineering. The product portfolio comprises of the pre-assembly of modules e.g. front and rear axles, the challenging adjustment of the axles and the highly complex process in the vehicle assembly, the so-called “marriage”. Here the drive module, chassis and bodywork are precisely joined together and secured.

  • Modern vehicles possess numerous mechatronic systems such as drive systems, brake systems, chassis, headlamps and driver assistance systems. For the adjustment and inspection of these security relevant systems Dürr Assembly Products has developed innovative technologies and successfully placed in the market.

    Dürr Assembly Products committed itself to environmental awareness and the effective use of resources. Through precise adjustment of the wheel geometry fuel consumption and tyre abrasion of cars and trucks can be significantly reduced.

    Through worldwide presence and steady further developments Dürr Assembly Products is seen to be technology leader in all important automotive markets, like e.g. Europe, USA and Asia.

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