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To achieve a considerable increase in efficiency during production, future vehicles will move autonomously and will be tested without any operator input.
In addition to the static calibration, dynamic function tests as for example the driving behaviour in typical traffic situations are to be performed.

As a pioneer of test stands for driver assistance systems, Dürr Assembly Products has anticipated this future trend and has developed a new generation of test stands.

Multi-function test stand x-road curve

Multifunktionsprüfstand x-road curve

With the innovative multi-function test stand x-road curve autonomous vehicles will be tested dynamically. In addition to the conventional tests carried out on a roller test stand, vehicles can be tested on the x-road curve at high speed taking the vehicle steering into account.

Due to the technology of the x-road curve, an up to now unprecedented simulation of real driving situations on test stands will be possible. Furthermore, this unique technology can be integrated in all existing x-road test stands that have been installed.

The x-road curve offers unprecedented possibilities with the testing of semi-autonomous or autonomous driving vehicles and sets trendsetting impulses.

Multi-sensor calibration test stand x-around

The central component of the End of Line test area for semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles is the multi-sensor calibration test stand x-around.
The sensors of autonomously driving vehicles are calibrated here.

With innovations such as monitors that display static and dynamic calibration patterns as well as a unprecedented concept for flexible positioning of the calibration devices around the vehicle, the new x-around is perfectly suited to calibrate the next generation of driver assistance systems and to perform further function tests.

To ensure that your End of Line is also ready for an integrated and flexible testing of the latest driver assistance systems!

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